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Be a woman. Here, now.

Explore your own skin. Follow its creamy curves, quivering with waves and ripples. Give in to the pace of the seconds, revelling in the life throbbing underneath. Seek desire as much as pleasure. Take. Caress. Choose.
Close your eyes in the delight of the moment. Move towards someone and enjoy the present. Take their hand and guide it. Reach out with your lips, and open up theirs. Not just do what you want – that would be childish – but delight in what you do.

Also: not know what you’re doing, sometimes. Enjoy your own strength and love its surprises and vulnerabilities. In sweet burning dreams, stand up on the Earth, spring forth, curl up, and rejoice once more… Be a woman. Here, now.

Nina Ricci is at one with women in their revolutions. Anticipating their desires. An instinctive and mysterious presence, an understanding feminine voice that makes each Nina Ricci woman an exceptional person revealed to herself.

Every creation is an ode to femininity. Nina Ricci fragrances reach out, full of poetry, all the way to the core of women’s sensuality. In every era, an aspiration and a dream are revealed. When the inner world meets the spirit of Parisian couture. L’Air du Temps, created in 1948, is a great classic. A spicy floral fragrance whose modernity and balance still surprise over half a century later. Calm and luxurious, it evokes a woman in harmony with herself and her surroundings, an absolute and timeless personality.

Nina, a fruity floral fragrance created in 2006, explores the imagination of a young girl, balanced between fairy tales and first attraction. A quest for femininity, mischievous and as tempting as forbidden fruit. A woman in the making. With L’Extase, Nina Ricci opens a new chapter, setting free a new feminine dream. A chapter that is both legitimate through its link to womanhood, and bold through its expression.

With this new creation, Nina Ricci embraces the dream of a woman in tune with her most secret desires. A woman of her time, she asserts the right to experience pleasure with all her senses. The pleasure of being surprised, aroused, overwhelmed.

A femininity filled with sensuality. To be herself, even when naked. Especially when naked. Incandescent, free, determined. A woman's erotic dream, an imaginary and carnal voyage to the core of her being, all the way to ecstasy: L'Extase.

Free and instinctive, with an absolute sensuality, Laetitia Casta is the very quintessence of French chic. A figure, an appeal, a uniquely photogenic presence, with a face that is never as beautiful, whether in fashion or on film, as when it is bare, without artifice. Wild or sophisticated in the same gesture, Laetitia Casta expresses the temperament of an already timeless icon.

For this new Nina Ricci dream, her understanding voice invites women to set free their desires, experience their pleasures and deliver themselves to ecstasy: L'Extase.

Memorable and with a clear identity, this first Francis Kurkdjian creation for Nina Ricci is evocative of women’s desire. A carnal portrait, a flowering of the senses. Two accords, powerful and mysterious, chase and echo one another.

Barely Rose is built around a bouquet of white petals, highlighted by natural roses and structured with pink peppercorns, like a satin caress. Then Musky Shadow is revealed, ntoxicating and arousing, with notes of benzoin Siam and Virginia cedar subtly caught up in a breath of musk and amber. L'Extase, an incandescently modest Eau de Parfum with a genuinely erotic signature.

Perpetuating Nina Ricci's chic Parisian spirit, the bottle of L'Extase is modelled on a couture clutch, one of the House’s iconic accessories. Its mysterious glass envelope in shades of dark mauve, the gold detailing and delicate black satin ribbon with the signature plate all place L'Extase boldly in the line of the great Nina Ricci perfumes.

The outer box wears a powdery pink texture, decorated with the signature plate and a black ribbon lined with gold. The black inside reveals the promise of L'Extase: “Liberate your fantasies”.

Directed by Gordon von Steiner, the L’Extase advertisement film is an intimate tale. An arousing voyage to the heart of a woman's desires. A woman, brought to life by Laetitia Casta, at the peak of her femininity, crosses paths with a stranger in a lift in Paris.

Their eyes meet. She is incandescently modest. Fabrics rustle. Bodies tense. A hand reaches out. Desire burns, invading the senses, taking control. The fragrance of eroticism is in the air. Right here. Right now. They kiss passionately. The doors open and the young woman steps out. Did she dream it? Was it a fantasy? It doesn’t really matter. She has experienced ecstasy: L'Extase.